Carina Brake

Age 34, Novi, MI Caregiver for Stage III melanoma patient


Melanoma Stage IIIB, 7 years NED, Age 52 How do I rock my skin? Growing up, I never cared about sunscreen, and I burned often. Now I know. Melanoma isn’t “just” skin cancer. It is preventable. It is better to detect it very early on. And it is dangerous to wait too long. Doctors gave me a 50% chance of …

Mark Hudgens

Age 59, The Woodlands, Texas I am currently battling Stage IV metastatic melanoma. I rock my natural skin by avoiding situations that will require a lot of sunblock. But once a year we go to the Florida panhandle and I’m perfectly happy sitting under a big umbrella on the beach wearing long-sleeve UV protection shirts and a big hat. And …

Susan hines

Melanoma Survivor, Stage IIB, diagnosed August 2006 Age 61 Mayodan, NC

Jenna Hoppe

Age 31  (29 when diagnosed with Stage IA) above my belly button Kalamazoo, Michigan I am a Melanoma survivor!

Kristina Alvarez

I rock my natural skin daily. I’m almost 50 & love the younger looking skin I’m in. I’ve been staying out of the sun since my 20’s. I’m a stage IV Metastatic Melanoma Survivor.

Lauren Gilden

41 yrs old Brick, NJ Dermatology nurse who has seen many melanomas and hated to see so many more popping up on people in the last 6 months. Being a redhead stay out of the sun as much as possible. But when I go outside I wear my 50 SPF!  

Laura Kocubinski

My name is Laura. I am a 28-year-old female living in Boston, MA. I was diagnosed with melanoma Stage I on June 21. The diagnosis turned my world upside down. I had surgery on my leg on July 6 to remove the melanoma and a lot of surrounding tissue. They took all the skin and the fat down to the muscle surrounding …

Melissa Kull

My name is Melissa Kull and in this selfie, you are looking at my handsome husband, Ken Kull, and me. My husband is currently battling Stage 4 Melanoma and his newly forming white beard hairs are a sign that Immunotherapy is hard at work! I rock my natural skin daily by wearing no makeup, aside from moisturizer and a daily …

Randy Jones

Randy Jones

“I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have to go through what I have. If I can save even one life, it will be worth it.” Stage IV, NED Richmond, Texas Read more:  Golf professional Randy Jones’ melanoma story