Natural Skin Rocks

This year, an estimated 96,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma—the most dangerous type of skin cancer—and over 7,000 will die of the disease.

These numbers are unacceptable.

If you could prevent one person from developing melanoma would you?

You can help us raise awareness and crush the media hype that tanned skin is beautiful.

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Show Us How You Rock Your Natural Skin

Become an agent of change and help us prevent another person from becoming a melanoma statistic. Here's how:

  1. Take a pic of your naturally beautiful, handsome self.
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Are you with us?

We believe that all skin is beautiful

We believe that scars are a reminder of our strength.
We carry our scars with pride, knowing they have built us rather than defied us. 
We believe that our scars do not define us.
We believe every scar tells a story and every story helps people to see how meaningful they are. 
All scars included. 
So tell us, how do you rock the skin you’re in?

We believe that healthy skin is the best skin tone.

We believe in embracing your own true coloring and protecting your body,
instead of exposing it to harmful UV rays or chemicals.
And that goes for all skin tones.
Porcelain pale, honey gold, ebony black… all skin tones are equally beautiful.
So tell us, how do you rock the skin you’re in?

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Upload your pic and tell us how you're rockin' your natural skin!

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Patrick Guddal

I think everyone’s battle with melanoma urges them to educate others....

....and teach awareness
....and teach prevention
....and be a sun safety fanatic
....and advocate for research funding
....and advocate for education funding...

Like a lot of people, I was blindsided with my Stage 3 diagnosis, and I’m from a large family of medicine. My reaction was total shock.

Why me?
Why wasn’t I aware of this?
What can I do to prevent others from going through what I did?

I think we all ask ourselves those questions, and we all become advocates to a degree.

I’m on fire, and I’m not stopping, until everyone knows, or there’s a cure, or both.

Sara Volk

I am an RN who also worked as an MA at a dermatologist's office. I also have stage 3 melanoma. Sun exposure is the number 1 risk factor for all skin cancers, not genetics.

Erin M Ball

After many MANY counseling sessions with friends over their unfortunate tanning practices (and showing them my scars), they all tell me the same thing: "I look thinner/prettier/better when I tan, I just couldn't be pale!" It's all about vanity for most people, it's the mentality that it will never happen to them.

Sue Goss Allshouse

I talked with the 4th graders about sun safety before they left on spring break! I think they were surprised to hear I have had melanoma twice.

Sumer Aspiazu

I teach high school. It’s prom season...guess what that means? Tanning beds. Then I share the story of my 25+ year addiction to tanning, show them my 4 inch scar on my arm from stage I melanoma, plus over 20 more scars from pre-malignant removals & then share with them the horror my family went through when we lost my dad at 55 to melanoma & the awful death he suffered. If it changes one kid's mind to get a spray tan instead, I’ve done my job. Keep up the good work!!