Jenifer Lee

Sun hat, skin care, vigilance and staying focused. Stage IV melanoma survivor Armdale, Victoria, Australia Age: 71


Age:32 Washougal, WA On July 25th, 2018 I finally gave myself the push to go to my doctor after months of concern about a spot that I noticed on my back that had a mixed brown and black color. I had a punch biopsy to remove the spot, requiring a few stitches. A few days later, my doctor called to …

Nancy Brown

I’m 54 and a melanoma stage I survivor. I was diagnosed in October 2018 with a wide local excision performed November 2018 at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I rock my skin by staying out of the sun, wearing sunscreen and keeping my skin covered daily. I am currently on a three-month skin checkup schedule with a board certified dermatologist.

Michelle Apicelli

Michelle Apicelli Age 63 New Jersey I rock my skin by using all products with SPF in them !!! I’m always trying to tell young people how incredibly dangerous tanning beds are and to please use sunscreen!!!!

Cathy Wilson

Cathy Wilson, Stage IV Age: 50 Bonner, Australia I eat healthy for a glowing skin and spray tan for special occasions and I now feel more beautiful than I did with tanning which I did every summer regrettably. I had nodular melanoma cut out of my arm in 2015 which then returned as a lump in the same spot in …

Jennifer Stewart

Survivor Stage IV Melanoma Age 42, Fort Worth, Texas

Pam Adams

In 1968 I suffered severe sun poisoning. In 2009 I asked a Dermatologist MD to assess an uneven ugly mole on my lower leg. She told me it was NO threat. In 2012 I asked a determined Dermatologist to evaluate this same mole and was diagnosed with a 3.7 stage melanoma. My blood test confirmed cancer, so he prepared me …

Debra Bellanti

Being a Floridian, a redhead, and a mother of a redhead, sun protection comes with the territory. Sometimes it is hard to keep sunscreen and sun protection on an active 10-year-old child. But, as a 3x Melanoma survivor, my battle scars are a constant reminder of the damage UV rays can do. Now we BOTH use our voice to remind …

Sherrie Goolsby

65 yrs old from Ocala, FL I have had melanoma two times, the first time I was only 35, the 2nd time a few years later. I was lucky, the cancer had not spread and they were able to surgically remove both tumors with no other treatment.  I now take care of my skin by staying out of the sun, …

Wendy Ashworth

Stage IIIB in 2010, currently cancer free! I am now 58 years old from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I was a sun worshiper and loved being tan but now I love rocking my natural skin. Life is good and I have so much to live for. Melanoma is not the winner, I am and will continue to win!