Cheryl Haener

After my husband was diagnosed with Melanoma, I became much more aware of my skin, and the damaging effects of the suns harsh rays. He was diagnosed twice with Melanoma. The second time, after a 16 month long battle, Jason passed away. He was a true warrior and participated in one of the studies. If he could not help himself, maybe he could help others after him. It was ten months after Jason had passed, that my Dad was also diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma. He brought a complex health history to the table along with the Melanoma and yet again, another man in my life helped to set the stage for others that would come after him with similar health issues Dad lost his battle with it 5 months after diagnosis. I cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of your skin. It is your body’s largest organ. Get annual mole checks, and do not use tanning beds. Do not let yourself go unprotected in the sun. I am more aware. I want to be around to see this beautiful little girl beside me grow up. This was the last time her Papa would take her to get a pumpkin for Halloween. He called her ‘his Little Pumpkin.’ She has lost her Papa and her Great. I won’t let her lose her Grami to Melanoma also! #NaturalSkinRocksĀ  Age: 55 Temperance, MI, Caretaker, loving wife, daughter